I have started keeping a list of things I want to write about, but they all require some time, something I am sorely lacking these days. I plan on tackling that list after the honeymoon, though 🙂

In an effort to keep this blog going (thought it seems like it shouldn’t be an effort after one post), I’m going with the tried-and-true “what’s in my bag” post. Let’s do this!

The bag itself:


I got this in January at Nordstrom Rack. It’s by Makowsky and is the first big leather handbag I’ve ever owned. I have smaller leather ones from Coach and Hobo International, but wanted a big giant one for lugging around all my very super important stuff:


  1. Lime green leather wallet. I got this from Target years ago and I love it. It fits all my wallet-y things like my debit and credit cards, driver’s license, money… you know, wallet stuff. Also a ridiculous collection of frequent buyer cards and various gift cards with approximately $.37 on each one.
  2. Earbuds and earbuds case. For music. And pretending I’m listening to music so people won’t talk to me.
  3. Scientific calculator. M teases me for carrying this around, but you’d be surprised how often it comes in handy.
  4. Snazzy star coin purse. For coins! I got this from Hot Topic years and years ago when I worked there. (My stories from there will be added to my to-blog-about list for sure).
  5. Altoids. Because I like hummus and Mexican food.
  6. Neosporin. This is not a regular in my purse, but I took a really nasty spill last week on a run and am all scabby. I slather this stuff on whenever I feel necessary.
  7. Ear plugs and case. I hate it when people make too much noise in movie theaters whether it’s from crinkling cellophane, slurping drinks, or making stupid little comments to their friends like “OH I DIDN’T KNOW HE WAS WITH THEM. DID YOU?” or “BITCH GET OUT THE ROOM!!!!” I used those head phones you can get at the customer service desk for the hearing impaired when M and I went to see Cabin in the Woods, and it worked wonderfully, but embarrassed M. So now I just bring ear plugs, which keep out the noises of annoying movie-goers, while still being able to hear the movie. Same goes for annoying people on planes. Also M snores and if we go somewhere overnight, I don’t have to worry about forgetting ear plugs.
  8. Gas-X. This is rather self-explanatory and not something I want to go into, or you want to hear, I’m sure. Use your imagination.
  9. Bobby pins. I leave a trail of these wherever I go. M finds them in his truck, in bed, steps on them occasionally… it’s a sickness.
  10. Keys. For opening locks! One for my house, the shed behind my house, my car, my mom’s house, and work. Also included is a rape whistle a friend gave me when I moved to Seattle, an adorable pig keychain from China, and a badass dalek flashlight keychain.
  11. Lots of pens. For writing.
  12. Pile of trash that was in the bottom of my bag.
  13. Leopard pouch that contains the following:
  • Ibuprofen. For headaches and various pain.
  • Aquaphor. I get dry hands. M gets really dry hands.
  • Hand sanitizer. Because it’s a dirty, dirty world out there. And I like to touch all the things.
  • MAC lipstick in Dubonnet. For when I’m feeling feisty.
  • Some ULTA lip gloss that the name has rubbed off of. For when I’m feeling glossy.
  • Chapstick in Cherry. For everyday. Because my lips are always getting chapped.
  • Nail clippers. For nails and other things like errant threads, packaging, etc.
  • Kleenex. For runny noses!
  • Moist towelettes. I think I got these from a BBQ place or something awhile back, but they seemed like they could come in handy.
  • Mirror. For checking out the money-maker.
  • Nail file. For sharpening my claws.

I typically carry an emergency tampon or two, but I lent them out to friends and have yet to replenish. I also always carry my phone, seen here:


My eyes are really sensitive to the light, so I always carry a rotating selection of sunglasses. Today it was these ones (along with the book I’m currently reading, which I take with me places where I might have time to read):Image

The end!