It’s pretty typical that on any given day I am super duper into a certain trend, idea, article of clothing, color, etc. It also is pretty typical of these lust-objects, as I’ll call them, to change pretty rapidly. I thought I’d share, on a somewhat monthly basis.

My first lust object is the lemon! I have really been wanting this lemon dress from ModCloth for awhile know, but haven’t gotten around to getting it. My dress crush has lead me down a path of other lemon-patterned thingies. Lemons are not only tasty (when combined with a butt load of sugar, natch), they are a lovely color – bright and happy yellow!! They also evoke images of summer, the lemon meringue pies my mom used to make my dad, and an idea of cleanliness. In short: they make me feel all good inside. So, without further ado, my lemon lust objects of the month:

Lemony Fresh

Doesn’t everything above make you feel happy and good inside? And isn’t that dress adorable? I’d pair it with some black wedges and big black sunglasses (not the lemon flip flops, even though they’re super cute, too – that’d be lemon overload). In the summer we are used to seeing a lot of florals and botanical prints, which are all well and good, but fruity patterns are an unexpected twist on the everlasting trend.

So, to sum up: I like lemons. And I want to dress like one all summer long!