Even though August is almost over, I still have time to share this month’s lust object: cupcakes! Cupcakes should really be my year-round lust object, though, as I love them a ridiculous amount, no matter the time of year. Not only are they super cute and portal, they are (usually) DELICIOUS. My favorite, obviously, are Red Velvet with Cream Cheese frosting. Hoo boy.

Here’s me in front of D.C.’s Red Velvet Cupcakery. It was like the mothership was calling me home.

So here’s my collection of cupcake-themed items for the month. I recently bought the cupcake apron and it is really, really fun in person. Plus it fits all the apron requirements, i.e., it shields me from batter and goo and whatnot when baking. So there’s that.
Also how adorable is that cupcake shower cap?? I’m pretty sure M would laugh out loud if he saw me in that… but that’s never stopped me before.