1. All & Sundry – All & Sundry is written by Linda, wife and mom of two boys in the Eugene area. She writes about her family life, but I wouldn’t classify her as a mommy blogger. She is hilarious and blogs about everything: various cosmetic products and Trader Joe’s items she likes, why Aaron Sorkin should go fuck himself, and renovating her new home. Reading her blog feels like chatting with an old friend.

Image via All & Sundry

2. Fatties Delight – Fatties Delight is exactly what it sounds like: A delight for fatties. It’s my favorite food porn blog out there, with lovely pictures of delicious food and accompanying recipes. I drool every time a new picture is posted.

Image courtesy BS’ In the Kitchen via Fatties Delight

3. Not Martha – Not Martha is written by fellow Seattleite Megan. Megan is an avid crafter and DIY-er and as such, post lots of tutorials for various projects. I especially like her “links” posts which almost always include something from Ask Metafilter, a website I can spend hours on.

Image via Not Martha

4. Full House Reviewed – Oh my god. This blog is so flipping hilarious. I just came across it about a month ago and am totally in love with it. It’s also exactly what it sounds like: Every single episode of Full House reviewed (in chronological order, no less!). Except the writer HATES Full House with a deep, fiery passion. The blog combines some of my favorite things: nostalgia and judgment.

Hilarious image via Full House Reviewed

5. Mollie in Seattle – As the name implies, this blog is written by Mollie, who lives in Seattle. She talks about all things fashion- and charity-related. Seeing as how these are two of my interests as well, I get all excited when I see a new post in my RSS feed from her. Mollie is also a super sweet girl who I’ve emailed with once or twice and a blogger that I greatly admire.

Image via Mollie in Seattle

6. John Lee Bell – John Lee Bell is the writer of this super chic fashion blog. It’s like The Sartorialist for Seattle. John is an amazing photographer, too, and his photos are beautiful. I also not-so-secretly hope to be on his blog one day. I don’t hope to run into him on the street on one of my not-so-cute days, though.

Image via John Lee Bell

7. Camille Styles – Camille Styles is a lifestyle blog that I obsessively comb through. She covers everything from fashion to food, home decor to baby products. She’s also an event planner and stylist who throws one hell of a good-looking party.

Image via Camille Styles

8. A Beautiful Mess – This blog is written by the super-stylish ladies Elsie and Emma. A Beautiful Mess is all about creating a beautiful life, mostly via handmade or thrifted objects. Their fashion posts are my favorite… and also their recipes… and decor… and beauty. Never mind, I like all of it. I love that they share a blog and that their writing styles are different, yet complementary – it makes for a very unique reading experience.

Image via A Beautiful Mess

9. A Cup of Jo – Joanna Goddard is a New York-based blogger who is also a wife mother, but transcends the mommy blogger niche. Like All & Sundry, A Cup of JO does discuss motherhood, but she also talks about movies, fashion, travel, recipes, and relationships (and sex! Tee hee!). She’s also super funny and posts pictures of her adorable son pretty often.

Image via A Cup of Jo

10. Kendi Everyday – I love Kendi. Texas-based fashion blogger Kendi is pretty well-known already (ModCloth even named a dress after her. I totally bought it and its super cute.) She posts her outfits on an almost-daily basis with links to where she got her pieces. She’s also very funny and super pretty. All things I like.

Image via Kendi Everyday

And one more, for good measure:

11. Laurel Black Design – My graphic designer mom’s blog. Because nepotism is the best!

Image via Laurel Black Design, graphic designer and mother extraordinaire