One of my favorite artists is Andy Warhol. I like to think of myself as an art lover, and while I can certainly appreciate all movements in various ways, I do not like abstract expressionism. The artists just took themselves way too seriously and I don’t like the way it looks. Pop art, and Warhol, seemed to poke fun at abstract expressionism by taking seemingly regular objects like soup cans, knives, whatever, and making them into art. (I do realize that Warhol probably took himself too seriously, as it can be send that most – if not all – artists do, but come on, Pollock needed to be taken down a peg.)

Image via Biography

Another reason I like Andy Warhol so much is because of his entourage. He and his group looked – in the words of my imaginary gay best friend – so damn fierce. Edie Sedgwick and Candy Darling were beautiful women who weren’t afraid to be themselves. Brave ladies.
Beautiful Candy

Beautiful Candy

Edie in her black and white stripes + tights glory. Image via Tumblr.

Edie and gang were really into the mod look – think lots of black and white, geometric shapes, and eyeliner like you wouldn’t believe. My kind of look. So, for January, my Lust Objects are mod-inspired. Whee!