It should really come as no surprise that I like words. I like saying them, typing them, hearing them, and reading them. And I like the idea of them tearing away from the confines of books, blogs, and mouths and being part of the fashion world.

And in creating words, you get letters.

I don’t necessarily like tops that say things (like those hideous verbiage tees with phrases like “90% Angel.” We get it, the other 10% is devil, or likelier still, bad taste) or food containers that say things (like wine glasses that say ‘vino’ – I will put soy milk in that wine glass if I feel like it!), but I do like the simplicity of numbers, symbols, and letters.

My mother is a graphic designer, so I knew from a young age what a font is, and why it is so important to kern your shit (my words, not her’s). I also know my serifs (Jealous?). Anyway, that early installation of graphic design minutia and my love of books and strange words may have led to this month’s lust object… just a little.


The products above are just my type… Get it?