M and I went to see The Great Gatsby last month. I’m not usually a fan of Baz Luhrman (I was the only one in my group of friends who didn’t wet themselves over Moulin Rouge. I’m also not impressed by directors/producers/whatever who care more about making a film flashy than the actual plot), but I am fan of the source material and Leonardo DiCaprio, so I gave it a go. My opinion: meh. (Warning: SPOILERS AHEAD!)

The movie is quite a bit different than the book. For one thing, Nick is narrating the story from a mental institution, which is not only unnecessary, but really stupid. I mean, just why? It serves no purpose at all. Then the slightly homoerotic elevator scene is replaced with Nick making out with Myrtle’s sister. Daisy, a character I cannot stand in the book or the movie, is made into more of a helpless victim of circumstance in the film version, whereas in the book you see more of who she truly is – an egotistical socialite with no much room in her life for truly loving anyone more than she loves herself. Tom is also made out to be much more of a shit in the movie than in the book – though I suppose that makes a little more sense, since movies like to have clear-cut villains. Add to all this Toby McGuire’s very wooden acting and yeah, meh.

That being said, the costumes and sets were absolutely stunning. Daisy’s outfits were beautiful and Gatsby’s house was amazing. I have loved Art Decor design for quite some time – my engagement ring that M picked out for me is even deco-inspired (he knows me well!). Since the movie came out, others have flocked to the movement and Art Deco is now pretty trendy, making deco furniture/clothes/accessories easier to come by. See below for my favorite pieces.

Art Deco