I am so, so excited for Zara to open in Westlake Center in downtown Seattle! I had no idea until a few weeks ago when I was downtown and saw the signs and construction being done and I’m not ashamed to admit I squealed a little.

For those unfamiliar, Zara is a Spanish “fast fashion” clothing and accessories store known for their European and trendy fashions. According to BusinessWeek, it only takes Zara two weeks to develop and launch a new product, compared to the much longer average of six months.

One thing I find interesting is that despite the retailer’s popularity, Zara employs zero advertising, using all profits to open new stores. Works for me, since now they’re coming to my stomping grounds.

Anyway, the Seattle store is supposed to open by the end of the year (just in time for the holidays), so in preparation, I have picked my favorite pieces:

I have a thing for pleats. I also like shiny things. This skirt combines both! I’d pair it will a fitted grey tee and a big statement necklace.

I love these pants! The print is a combination of cosmic and woodland themes. Since the pants are so fun, I’d wear a simple top and heels.

I like the color combination of black and burgundy – two of my favorites! It just looks cozy and would be great for running errands and getting tea with a friend.

I have a really long torso, so most regular-people pants become low-rise on me. High waisted bottoms are always welcome in my wardrobe. Plus they’re cute.

I really like this season’s trend of printed sweatshirts and sweaters. The pretty red floral print is great for fall and winter but will transition to spring nicely. This top would look cute with jeans and smoking flats.

I love a good scarf. I’d wear it with everything – I especially like combining florals with stripes.

Peek a boo! The back of this tee is surprising in a subtle, sexy sort of way. I’d wear it with grey jeans and motorcycle boots.

I am not sure what this cardigan is a combination of, but I like the drapey front and cool steel color. It’d look cute with jeans, skirts, dresses – everything!

Get here sooner, Zara! I have a shopping itch to scratch.