Yikes – September almost passed me by without doing a Lust Objects post (or many other posts, for that matter… My apologies, but Breaking Bad is ending forever this Sunday and M and I have been cramming 4 1/2 seasons worth of show in the past few weeks. That much emotion, drama, violence, meth, frustration, and on-the-edge-of-your-seat-iness is taxing.).

Anywho: Military-inspired fashion! The military in all forms (Navy, Army, Mounties, British Army, etc. etc.) have been inspiring designers for years now, and the Fall 2013 runways were no exception (Michael Kors and Charlotte Ronson especially caught my eye). Khaki green was big during Fashion Week and the color is basically a neutral, so it’ll go with tons of stuff already in your closet.

As much as I love the military trend, I am not a big fan of camo. Perhaps it is due to my growing up in a small logging town with its fair share of hunters, but the pattern doesn’t say “military” to me so much as “drunken hick with a rifle.” Though I suppose the two can be interchangeable, depending on the circle you run in.