Generally speaking, November – March is not a friendly time period in Seattle, weather wise. It being January, I still have two and a half more months of cold ickiness before the temperature even starts to sort of rise. During this time I take my running indoors to a treadmill, stop gardening, and mutter obscenities to myself as I make the short but bracing trip from my front door to my car, where it is still cold, but not wet (hopefully). I also can’t wear certain shoes without freezing my tootsies off. In short, blergh.

But! The wintery months are not totally without their pleasures, either. I quite enjoy spending cold nights inside reading, watching movies with M (we’ve been on a Carey Grant kick lately), and leisurely enjoy a nice hot bath. And because I want to be cozy on the inside, too, a nice hot cup of tea is always helpful (it’s like a hot bath for your stomach! Or something!).

Along with a nice book, movie, or TV show, these are my cozy nights at home necessities that are sure to ward off the brrr:

Cozy Winter Nights