January really just zoomed by, so I’m only getting to this month’s Lust Object one day shy of February. But I just made it by the skin of my teeth – phew! 

This month I’m still feeling cozy and craving the warmth that being indoors with family brings. I just got back from visiting Mom at my childhood home – we watched Downton Abbey and went to see the second Hobbit. We also made turkey soup and just had a lovely time! Anyway, growing up I lived in what is essentially a giant A-frame log cabin. As such, I love natural grain wood and all the character that comes with it. While faux bois isn’t natural (hence the faux), if done correctly, it captures the beauty of real wood in a wide variety of mediums. I’d totally wear a faux bois sheath or carry a faux bois clutch.

faux bois