It’s still winter here in Seattle, but you wouldn’t know it by the stacks of fashion magazines that arrive at my door on an almost daily basis. I was wrapped up in a sweater, fleece-lined tights, and a scarf when I hauled some magazines out of the mailbox – “haul” being the operative word here: Spring Fashion editions are the heaviest of the magazine issues, on par with Fall Fashion. They are some of my favorite issues, though: by this time every year I am sick and tired of gloomy rain clouds and icky weather and ready for sunshine and popsicles.

Among some of the big trends for Spring 2014 are pastels, fringe, crop tops, wide leg trousers, and floral prints. None of these really get me that excited, and whenever I see a floral layout in a Spring Fashion issue, I always think of Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada:

miranda priestly, the devil wears prada, spring florals

Via 20th Century Fox.

Don’t get me wrong, flowers are nice, and I get the idea behind the trend: It’s Spring! Things are blooming! Rebirth! All that jazz! Let’s put it on all our clothes! But, as my girl Miranda will attest, they aren’t exactly innovative.

What I do like for Spring 2014 is the trend of graphic black and white prints. I love me some black and white stripes (my collection of tops in this pattern is a bit ridiculous), so this look really caught my eye. It’s clean and fresh, which is great for Spring, and goes with everything, so it’s easy. It also says, “BANG! POP! LOOK AT ME!” Because I’m definitely not going to say that with words, but I want the message to come across.

Graphic Black and White