Pardon my blog vacation, I had my cousin in town for awhile. It was lovely, but being something of an introvert, hosting can be a little overwhelming. After my cousin left I took a few days to decompress and now I’m back! Huzzah!

I’ve been into unicorns for quite some time now. Growing up, one of my favorite movies was The Last Unicorn, which I watched at least once a week. The TV was in the living room of our very open concept house, so my parents had the pleasure of getting to watch it too. THEY LOVED IT.

Image via Lionsgate.

Image via Lionsgate.

For those unfortunate souls who aren’t in the know, unicorns are mythical animals that have been around since the classical era. It’s basically a horse (or goat, depending on your source material) with a large, pointy horn coming from its forehead. Ancient Greece even included it in their natural history for awhile. The Bible also mentions unicorns.

During medieval times, unicorns were thought to be extremely wild, as well as a symbol of purity and grace. They could only be captured by virgins, too, so I guess that leaves me out. Unicorns were obviously magic beasts, and their horns could make poison water drinkable and heal sickness. Also, for funsies, sly merchants used to sell narwhal horns as unicorn horns.

In any case, I would totally love to wear/tote/use all of these items and proudly project my love for all things unicorn.