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We’re experiencing a pretty long summer here in Seattle – it has been hot. But that hasn’t stopped fall fashion from creeping its way into my mind. One trend I really like right now is pastels for autumn. Normally I’m more of a jewel-toned kind of gal (those jewels being onyx, tourmaline, and obsidian), but I like the juxtaposition of bright, cheery colors against fall’s grey skies and stormy weather. The soft, subtle colors also make for an easy transition from the hot summer we’ve been having to the cool, crisp fall that I hope we’ll be getting soon.

Plus, pastels match rose gold jewelry perfectly, another thing I’m loving right now.




Oh my goodness – things have been rather hectic in the Caitlinface household lately. My apologies for not blogging sooner. As soon as Thanksgiving was over I was in full Christmas mode. That means baking up a storm, wrapping presents, and shipping tons of stuff every. single. day. 

Every year for Christmas I bake a bunch of goodies for my family and friends and send it off. It usually includes 3 kinds of cookies and peppermint bark. This year it was Chocolate Toffee Truffle Cookies, Orange Creamsicle Cookies, Scandinavian Almond Cookies, Hot Buttered Rum Cookies, and the bark. M and I have a large family, so this took a substantial amount of time.

We also are traveling to Kansas for the holidays. I’m writing from Wichita as we speak, actually. It’s cold here. There’s freezing rain, snow, and sleet. I don’t like it one bit. My mother-in-law is also a wonderful cook and I’m pretty sure, despite continuing my exercise regime, I will return to Seattle about 5 pounds heavier.

As I’ve said before, Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love all the cooking, baking, family and friend get-togethers, and, of course, shopping. With that in mind, here are the things I hope Santa brings me this year.

Christmas List 2013


Happy holidays!

Yikes – September almost passed me by without doing a Lust Objects post (or many other posts, for that matter… My apologies, but Breaking Bad is ending forever this Sunday and M and I have been cramming 4 1/2 seasons worth of show in the past few weeks. That much emotion, drama, violence, meth, frustration, and on-the-edge-of-your-seat-iness is taxing.).

Anywho: Military-inspired fashion! The military in all forms (Navy, Army, Mounties, British Army, etc. etc.) have been inspiring designers for years now, and the Fall 2013 runways were no exception (Michael Kors and Charlotte Ronson especially caught my eye). Khaki green was big during Fashion Week and the color is basically a neutral, so it’ll go with tons of stuff already in your closet.

As much as I love the military trend, I am not a big fan of camo. Perhaps it is due to my growing up in a small logging town with its fair share of hunters, but the pattern doesn’t say “military” to me so much as “drunken hick with a rifle.” Though I suppose the two can be interchangeable, depending on the circle you run in.


M and I went to see The Great Gatsby last month. I’m not usually a fan of Baz Luhrman (I was the only one in my group of friends who didn’t wet themselves over Moulin Rouge. I’m also not impressed by directors/producers/whatever who care more about making a film flashy than the actual plot), but I am fan of the source material and Leonardo DiCaprio, so I gave it a go. My opinion: meh. (Warning: SPOILERS AHEAD!)

The movie is quite a bit different than the book. For one thing, Nick is narrating the story from a mental institution, which is not only unnecessary, but really stupid. I mean, just why? It serves no purpose at all. Then the slightly homoerotic elevator scene is replaced with Nick making out with Myrtle’s sister. Daisy, a character I cannot stand in the book or the movie, is made into more of a helpless victim of circumstance in the film version, whereas in the book you see more of who she truly is – an egotistical socialite with no much room in her life for truly loving anyone more than she loves herself. Tom is also made out to be much more of a shit in the movie than in the book – though I suppose that makes a little more sense, since movies like to have clear-cut villains. Add to all this Toby McGuire’s very wooden acting and yeah, meh.

That being said, the costumes and sets were absolutely stunning. Daisy’s outfits were beautiful and Gatsby’s house was amazing. I have loved Art Decor design for quite some time – my engagement ring that M picked out for me is even deco-inspired (he knows me well!). Since the movie came out, others have flocked to the movement and Art Deco is now pretty trendy, making deco furniture/clothes/accessories easier to come by. See below for my favorite pieces.

Art Deco

Okay, I don’t really lust after cats. That’d be weird. But I do love cats quite a bit. They’re cuddly and cute and don’t give two shits about anyone else, usually, unless that anyone is giving them treats or petting them in exactly the right place at exactly the right time.

This post was inspired by a photo my mom sent me this weekend of my kitty Angel lounging by the fireplace at my mom’s house:

Angel being cozy.

Angel being cozy.

Angel is a Maine Coon and is kind of dumb, but he’s a cuddlebutt and loves everyone. He also has the ability to get his hair to stick to ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING. One time my mom’s printer was on the fritz so she had a guy come out to fix it. When he opened it it was TOTALLY FILLED WITH ANGEL HAIR. I don’t know how he did it. He’s probably a wizard.

I also had a kitty named Zoey. I got her when I was 5 with my dad and we sort of forced her on my mom. Mom eventually warmed up to Zoey. Zoey was a pretty typical cat in that she hated everyone except for Mom, me, and a few other people, including M, who is super allergic to cats. She also liked my friend Ali who is also allergic to cats. I think she dug it when people avoided her. Anyway, she was sort of spastic and mean when she was little, and would routinely come scratch and bite people for no reason, but as she aged, she mellowed quite a bit. She also talked a lot. Kitty talk. Unfortunately, as cats tend to do, she died a few years ago at the ripe old age of 18. I love her to pieces and it was surprisingly difficult to say goodbye.

Pretty Zoey.

Pretty Zoey.

Zoey and Angel live(d) with my Mom. When I moved to Seattle for school, I couldn’t have cats in the dorm, then I couldn’t have them in the apartment, and then I moved in with a dude who was stupid allergic. And now I’m married to him and can never have another kitty again unless they’re hypoallergenic and redonk expensive. But I still go back home to visit Angel (and my mom, I guess) every so often without M. If it weren’t for him, though, I’m pretty sure I’d be living with about 10 cats, with black velvet cat paintings on my wall, listening to Cat Stevens (Ha! Joke time!).

Crazy Cat Lady
P.S. I totally own the kitty measuring cups and the black and white cat shirt. Because cats are the best.