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I’ve been a really rubbish blogger again this month. I don’t even have a bunch of good excuses for you – just one: I GOT INTO THE UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON!!!! I start in January and am very, very excited. It doesn’t quite feel yet, but I imagine it will as soon as the first tuition check is sent.

Aside from celebrating the good news, holidays and family obligations have also been distracting me, but that’s never not the case. So really, I just blew it this month. My apologies.

In any case, I am really into the black cherry trend right now. You might call the color oxblood, burgundy, maroon, whatever. I prefer black cherry, though, because it reminds me of food and not the blood of a beast of burden. But that’s just me.

I have long loved this shade of red. I really like the look of it on short nails and as a lipstick, the latter of which I think I’m too pale to pull off (actually, I’m just too lazy for lipstick. Plus I tend to eat it off. Yum!). It looks good on everyone and goes with everything. One of my favorite sweaters is a black cherry off-the-shoulder open-knit sweater. I like to wear it with skinny jeans and booties. I look awesome in it, in large part due to the color.


Black Cherry


While lusting after breast cancer-related items seems… odd… it is a disease close to my heart. My maternal grandmother died from breast cancer, and many women in my family have had the disease or brushes with it. October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it seemed appropriate.

Not only do I want all the items below, but a portion of the profits (if not all the profits) from their purchase go directly to organizations supporting breast cancer research such as The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Keep a Breast Foundation, Stand Up 2 Cancer, and Bright Pink.

breast cancer awareness

Yikes – September almost passed me by without doing a Lust Objects post (or many other posts, for that matter… My apologies, but Breaking Bad is ending forever this Sunday and M and I have been cramming 4 1/2 seasons worth of show in the past few weeks. That much emotion, drama, violence, meth, frustration, and on-the-edge-of-your-seat-iness is taxing.).

Anywho: Military-inspired fashion! The military in all forms (Navy, Army, Mounties, British Army, etc. etc.) have been inspiring designers for years now, and the Fall 2013 runways were no exception (Michael Kors and Charlotte Ronson especially caught my eye). Khaki green was big during Fashion Week and the color is basically a neutral, so it’ll go with tons of stuff already in your closet.

As much as I love the military trend, I am not a big fan of camo. Perhaps it is due to my growing up in a small logging town with its fair share of hunters, but the pattern doesn’t say “military” to me so much as “drunken hick with a rifle.” Though I suppose the two can be interchangeable, depending on the circle you run in.


I’ve been super into ombre lately. Last weekend I went out and bought some lovely turquoise ombre jeans and am contemplating all the different ways in which I’ll wear them.

I also really like the ombre make-up and hair stuff. Ombre hair looks really cool, but I sort of think people might assume I’m just lazy and haven’t bothered to touch up my “roots” in awhile. Ombre nails, on the other hand, look awesome all the time forever.

Anyway, for those interested, ombre in a French term meaning “shaded” which I’d say is pretty accurate. It’s typically a multicolored stripe with colors graduating from light to dark. The color effect can be woven into fabric or dyed to achieve the ombre look. Interestingly, I also found in my research that ombre also is a card game that was popular in 17th and 18th century Europe that old guys played. It’s a three-handed trick-tacking game with a bunch of complicated rules and a ridiculous point-tracking system. Sounds riveting.

I’ll stick to ombre in my clothes.